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Bar and Restaurant Loans

The service industry has a well-earned reputation for being especially challenging. As restaurant owners know, many small businesses in the industry fail within their first year. For this reason, maintaining a constant vigilance and a healthy balance sheet is necessary to thrive.

While some of the key ingredients in a successful restaurant include a passion for food and an intimate knowledge of the hospitality business, perhaps most importantly, restaurants need a working capital flow to address financing needs. Sufficient capital is essential throughout the lifespan of any restaurant to meet its ever-changing demands.

If you own a restaurant, pub, bistro, food truck, bakery or cafe and want to set your small business on the path to success, look no further. Lendified has all the business financing options you need to thrive in the restaurant industry.

How Can My Business Benefit From Restaurant Financing?

In the hospitality industry, business can vary significantly from season to season. Also, the industry has notoriously thin margins, which makes it that much more important to have reliable, consistent access to loans for restaurants.

Depending on the niche your small business occupies, there could be a variety of pressing needs that can only be met with a healthy dose of business financing. But many business owners agree that the best uses for restaurant financing are usually major equipment purchases. 

New restaurant equipment, like stoves or refrigerators and freezers, come with price tags so large that there is rarely room for them on the balance sheet. Likewise with high-quality tables, chairs and cutlery, their up-front costs can be discouraging and make them seem like they are beyond the reach of your restaurant.

That said, restaurant owners can benefit from a small business loan that will help them make these kinds of purchases. Once your restaurant business secures the right financing, it can be used for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Buying new kitchen equipment
  • Purchasing new glassware, cutlery or furniture
  • Sourcing higher-quality ingredients
  • Hiring seasonal staff
  • Bolstering your inventory

Why Lendified?

Running a restaurant is challenging for even the most savvy small business owners. Lendified is here to make it quick and easy to secure a small business loan so you can focus on making your customers happy.

Our online application can be completed in minutes. Once you’re approved, you may receive up to $150,000 in the same week! We have some of the lowest rates and fees in the restaurant finance industry, and our financing allows you to make bi-monthly payments at a reasonable interest rate to give your small business that chance to thrive while you pay it back.

Securing your restaurant loans through Lendified has several advantages over traditional banking for small businesses because we offer:

  • Financing from $5,000 to $150,000
  • A streamlined, hassle-free application process that only takes minutes to complete
  • A delivery time of 3-5 business days for approved candidates
  • Better rates than other online lenders
  • The chance to boost your credit score and qualify for even better rates on capital

The Bottom Line

A restaurant loan is a great way for any restaurant business to overcome short-term financing needs and thrive for years to come. 

A business loan from Lendified will provide quick access to capital, easy and flexible repayment terms and the chance to build your credit score, which will help secure better terms for business loans down the line. Grow your restaurant with Lendified business loans!

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