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Ontario Government spotlights Lendified for empowering small businesses

Lendified_Troy and Kevin

Troy Wright (CEO) and Kevin Clark (President)

This week the Ontario Government featured Lendified in a report titled Lendified: Empowering small businesses with a best-in-class fintech solution. Part of the Government’s Spotlight series, the article includes a Q&A with our CEO Troy Wright who discusses the inspiration for Lendified, how our small business loan process is different from banks, and the benefits of being in Ontario, Canada. Wright also highlighted Lendified’s growth:

“We feel proud of what we have been able to accomplish. In our first year we processed close to $50 million in loan applications. But as an entrepreneur, you feel like you are not moving fast enough. We spend a lot of time looking at potential partnerships to drive customers to us. So far we have built some very strong ties with [several] chambers of commerce and other large corporate entities. We are taking the steps necessary to work closer with the banks here in Toronto. There is also plenty of opportunity to take what we have done in Canada and build it elsewhere. The opportunities to export our product into the U.S. and beyond are clearly there for us.”

Our team is committed to empowering small businesses across Canada and proud to have been recognized for our innovative technology, especially by the Province of Ontario which represents the hub of our country’s banking center and fintech ecosystem. We encourage you to read the article and learn more about Lendified’s story and the benefits for Canadian small business owners.

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Lendified is Canada's premier online lender for small businesses. The company was founded by former bank executives dedicated to provide businesses with fast, easy, and affordable financing. The Lendified team regularly produces blogs and guides to help small business owners succeed.

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