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New Fintech Video Series Featuring Lendified Launched by VICE and MaRS

Decoding Fintech

A new fintech video series called “Net Worth” has been launched by the groundbreaking media company VICE and Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District, one of the world’s largest innovation hubs. The series looks into the ways fintech is changing the way we bank, borrow, and spend and features thought leaders from leading fintech companies in Canada.

Lendified’s CRO, Monique Morden, is in the debut episode which explains the creation of the fintech industry and how it is addressing one of the biggest financial issues for millennials – debt. This is of particular interest for our team because we are dedicated to improving both the borrowing and lending experience. “We are proud to participate in this project to spread the word about the positive impact fintech is having on our lives and the bright future of our industry in Canada”, said Morden.

Monique Morden from Lendified

How you can watch the series

The Net Worth series is broken into 3 parts which can be found on the new VICE Money website. All 3 episodes are now available so we encourage you to check them out and share them with your friends!

Episode 1 – What is Fintech

Episode 2 – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Episode 3 – ID & Security

More on those behind the series

About MaRS:

MaRS is one the world’s largest urban innovation hubs. It serves as a launchpad for startups, a platform for researchers and a home to innovators. MaRS supports over 1,000 ventures tackling key challenges in the health, energy & environment, finance & commerce, and work & learning sectors as they start, grow and scale. In addition, the MaRS community drives the adoption of breakthrough discoveries and new solutions in Canada and beyond, growing our economy and delivering societal impact at scale.

About Vice Money:

VICE Money was created by VICE Media earlier this year to educate millennials about all things money related. They seek to break down today’s biggest financial topics, from taxes, the housing market, banking and much more, with content that’s fit for millennials.

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