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Meet the Founder: Kevin Clark from Lendified

Kevin Clark from Lendified


Meet the Founder: Kevin Clark from Lendified

This week in our meet the founder segment FrontFundrs John Hill caught up with Kevin Clark, Co-Founder and CEO of Lendified Inc.

Prior to Lendified, Kevin served as Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales for Scotiabank’s Transaction Banking business. Here he held responsibility for the delivery of trade finance and cash management products to the Small Business, Commercial and Corporate segments both domestically and internationally.

So lets get started!

John: How would you describe your company in 2–5 words?

Kevin: A lending technology company

John: If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Kevin: Probably building someone else’s! 😊

John: Tell us a bit about your background working in finance.

Kevin: I have been in the financial services industry for over 30 years. I started right out of business school starting in business development roles up through running business lines, eventually moving into executive leadership roles for the last decade of my time at Scotia bank before Co-Founding Lendified.

John: What’s been the most surprising thing about founding Lendified?

Kevin: Learning of the financing world outside the “big five” and yes still in Canada – a huge lesser-known marketplace. Having the opportunity of meeting a whole new ecosystem of amazing people has also been a great experience for me!

John: And the most challenging?

Kevin: Supporting a value proposition that is right for the customer AND right for investors.

John: What do you love about the team at Lendified?  How did you build it up to take on the problem of small business financing?

Kevin: Hire great people and get out of the way! We have an amazing team – it is all about the people! Creating a culture with ambitious and smart people has given me the opportunity to learn and grow more than I could have ever imagined!

John: What do you do when you’re not at work?

Kevin: Home, family, cottage, fitness, travel – all of this – all the time!

John: You’re someone with a wealth of professional experience and industry knowledge. Who do you look to for ideas and inspiration?

Kevin: The team in our organization. Young minds like to hear from older minds and older minds learn tremendous amounts from younger minds! Reverse mentorship in a way! It is hugely interesting and rewarding. I am learning as fast as I can!

John: What’s the hidden potential Lendified has to become a huge success?

Kevin: Brand! – the power of brand and with it – trust, reputation and good execution. Our market opportunity is so great – it’s about executing and delivering.

John: Where do you see Lendified in 5 years’ time?

Kevin: Financial markets and moving! The directions are multiple depending on the business and specific to the market segment one operates in. For us, we will have options on our growth, – organically, combination, etc. – huge opportunities!

Lendified’s campaign is now live on FrontFundr, and runs until 27th March. Head over to their campaign page for all the details! 

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