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Lendified’s Marcel Schroder Spearheading New Marketplace Lending Investment Platform


As part of our continued growth and evolution into a world-class financial technology company, Lendified recently welcomed Marcel Schroder to the team to lead us into the next stage of “p2p” marketplace lending.

Marcel Schroder is an experienced global wealth management executive with broad experience building profitable start-up businesses, restructuring underperforming divisions and streamlining operations. With thirty years of experience in financial services, Marcel brings his leadership and knowledge of financial markets to Vault Circle as the Managing Director, where he will oversee the development and strategic growth of the investment company.

An affiliate of Lendified, Vault Circle Inc. is a marketplace lending investment firm that will connect accredited, institutional and certain other eligible investors with short-term, high-yield small business loans in the form of investor notes. These investments will appeal to investors seeking income and strong portfolio cash flows.

“The emergence of marketplace lending has created a new investment opportunity for income-seeking investors,” says Schroder. “Vault Circle will provide investors with access to high-yield Canadian small business loans from creditworthy businesses.”

Vault Circle will allow investors to access compelling investment opportunities in the rapidly growing marketplace lending fixed income asset class. Vault Circle’s platform will facilitate the allocation of capital across a wide range of small business loans with personalized loan allocation strategies.

“Our investment platform will offer a simple and transparent way to build a diversified portfolio of quality loans, tailored across business sectors, credit grades and investment yields to minimize risk,” Schroder explained. “We will leverage our extensive management experience, proprietary data and sophisticated analytics engine to provide high quality investment products. Investors will receive regular principal and interest payments.”

Vault Circle is currently in process of gaining approval from relevant securities regulators, and will not accepting investments from any investors until that process is complete. In the meantime, we encourage anyone who is interested in learning more to reach out to us, Marcel or visit the Vault Circle website.

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