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Lendified on BNN Disruptors


Last night, Lendified Founder and CEO, Troy Wright, appeared on the BNN (Business News Network) program, The Disruptorshosted by digital pioneer, Bruce Croxon, and market trends specialist Amber Kanwar.

Lendified had the opportunity to “pitch” to BNN’s audience, who can then vote for the Top Disruptor of the season. In the “pitch analysis” clip below, Amber Kanwar and Bruce Croxon review Lendified.

While Bruce shared a bit of skepticism about whether the growing online lending industry as a whole could take on Canada’s big banks, he noted Lendified’s alogirthm as a key differentiator, setting us apart from the competition.

Disruption? More Like Evolution

Despite offering a disruptive technology platform that is quickly becoming a game changer in the fintech space, Troy Wright and Kevin Clark (President at Lendified) are quick to point out that Lendified is not so much a disruption, but rather part of a natural evolution in financial services – complementary to the products and services offered by the big banks.

Wright and Clark wrote about this in a recent editorial for the Globe and Mail entitled The fintech threat to traditional banking: It’s evolution, not revolution.

Vote for Lendified

As mentioned, you can now vote for Lendified as a BNN Top Disruptor. The polling is done through BNN’s Twitter account – click here to vote for Lendified now! Voting will be open for a week from today.


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