BUSINESS GOVERNANCELendified’s core values lie towards customer satisfaction and total commitment towards them and we operate with strong internal control and governance setting an example for others.Ontario, CanadaLendifiedLendified$330 Bay St. Suite 306,Toronto,Ontario,M5H 2S81.844.451.3594

Core Values and Governance

Lendified is federally incorporated and operates in the financial services industry carrying out activities in all Canadian provinces. Our business is focused on providing loans to small businesses, including incorporated companies, limited partnerships and/or sole proprietor organizations.

Lendified operates with strong internal controls, governance and business rules assuring a solid foundation for loan underwriting and servicing. We believe this is of paramount importance within the financial services industry where consistency and reliability are needed within a safe and secure corporate environment all of which are key to our reputation and business model.

Our established Core Values are built around our commitment to our customers, the communities in which we operate and our employees. At Lendified, we seek to set the example by which all other firms in this sector should operate.

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