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Customer Stories


“Banks never want to invest on you when you are in need of capital; Instead they only reach out to you once you are successful. This was not the case with Lendified. They invested on our potential success using top of the line technologies and algorithms to minimize the risk for both parties. Their mission statement was an inspiring one which led us towards partnership with them. I found out about them through Troy Wright, who is a loyal customer of Crave. We chat over the counter at one of our stores.

We needed capital to help to be able to grow our menu line and product line as well as to improve our buying power to be able to keep our quality up to our own high standards while managing a profit.

We were able to get our executive chef more involved in our day to day business to ensure highest quality and also to be able to update and change our menu more frequently. The capital also allowed us to expand our catering sales as well as allowing us to hold different marketing campaigns for more exposure and brand awareness.”

Amir, Co-Founder of Crave