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Build It and They Will Come

 “Build it and they will come,” is unfortunately seldom true. Many Canadian small business owners struggle to source new clients and customers after establishing their businesses, and this can be an ongoing struggle.  Advertising and promotion are a necessary investment with potentially transformative returns that can help build awareness of your brand and drive sales. 

Canada’s creative economy is growing and being able to get your brand out there has become more competitive than ever. In order to ramp up marketing and promotional efforts you need to think about how you can have the next great ad that goes viral and brings notoriety to your brand. 

Do Not Let Lack of Marketing Spend Hinder Your Business

The feeling that you do not have the money to invest in advertising and promotion can result in large unnoticed loses for your business. For example, in the restaurant business, one day you could be the talk of the town, the next you could be struggling to fill seats. Marketing and promotion can help in getting people to talk about your restaurant again. With a restaurant loan, you could improve your website, invest in a rebrand or refresh, purchase new signage or explore different marketing channels such as social media, public relations and advertising. 

The funding landscape in Canada has changed in recent years and you can now access funds quickly through reputable online lenders that specialize in the needs of small businesses. Use those funds to bring your business to the next level! 

Small businesses across Canada are always looking for innovative ways to be able to acquire and retain current or new customers. Using your small business financing towards advertising and promotion can help your business go viral and get the traffic you need for your business for it to be successful.

We understand that as a small business owner, it can be challenging to grow your restaurant business all year long. The unpredictability caused by seasonal changes requires business owners like yourself to plan ahead and ensure you have the financing to cover unanticipated expenses. 

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