The Lendified executive team is built on years of significant experience in the financial services industry and the related technology sector both here in Canada, and abroad.

As financial services experts, the team is able to merge core competencies in understanding customer needs, credit risk and the overall financial marketplace with a deep understanding of analytics and operational processes, giving Lendified a solid management foundation.

These executive management skills and experiences and the ability to integrate financial services expertise with technology places Lendified in a unique and premier position to provide an outstanding customer experience to both borrowers and investors.

Troy Wright
Troy WrightCEO, Founder

Supporting the business engine that drives our economy

Troy Wright is a globally recognized leader and trusted ‘go-to’ industry expert with a proven 30 year plus track record in the financial services industry. During his career, Troy has met with thousands of companies across Canada and has developed a very clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by business owners in this country. In his current role as CEO of Lendified, he oversees the vision, strategic direction, risk management and leadership of the company.

Prior to Lendified, Troy was the President and CEO of the Scotiabank Group Mexico, the largest subsidiary of Scotiabank outside of Canada, a full service bank with 2.4 million customers, US $23 billion in assets, 900 branches and 15,000 employees. Previous to this, Troy was Executive Vice President, Canadian Retail Branches and Channels at Scotiabank, having, among other skills, extensive experience in risk management, overseeing all retail and commercial risk management processes, compliance and regulatory risks.

Troy has lived and worked domestically and in several international locations and is multi-lingual. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Program; Western University with a BA; and, the Harvard Business School YPO Presidents` Program.

“I have met business owners across Canada from all walks of life, and have always been impressed with their big picture thinking and courage to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. They are truly the life blood of our economy and their innovativeness and creativity are boundless.”
Kevin Clark
Kevin ClarkPresident

Connecting small business with capital efficiently and effectively

Spanning over 30 years in domestic and international banking, Kevin brings extensive business development and leadership skills from his experiences across all customer segments to his position as President. His passionate views for economic growth and business development in Canada positions him well in delivering Lendified’s products and services to the small business marketplace.

Most recently, in his capacity as Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales for Scotiabank’s Transaction Banking business, Kevin held responsibility for the delivery of trade finance and cash management products to the Small Business, Commercial and Corporate segments both domestically in Canada and internationally. Previous to this, Kevin was Senior Vice President, International Corporate and Commercial Banking, leading lending activities across the Caribbean, Central and South America and the Asia Pacific markets. In these positions, Kevin held membership in credit, compliance and regulatory committees.

Kevin has lived in a number of international locations, is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program, The Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University, and holds an MBA also from The Richard Ivey School of Business. Kevin has served as Vice Chair & Director, Canadian Counsel of the Americas, an association promoting Canadian investment in the Americas since 2009 and held a number of public and private board positions.

“There are tremendous opportunities here in Canada to support small business and providing efficient capital to this segment is necessary and achievable. I believe our platform is truly designed with the small business owner in mind to help this core segment of our economy grow”.
Roger Vandomme
Roger VandommeChief Risk and Analytics Officer

Business intelligence that can make a difference.

Roger’s impressive career has been built on the fundamentals of data analysis, predictive modeling and related decision-making. Roger has an outstanding unmatched skill-set in the field of predictive modeling and has completed numerous studies and research on decision heuristics and biases, developing reasoning methods and processes around systemic design and game theory. Roger has built a successful consulting practice around this unique knowledge base and has joined Lendified’s management team to oversee the credit modeling activities and all data analytics related to our loan portfolio.

Roger previously held the responsibility as Vice President Analytics with Equifax Canada, where he spearheaded key credit risk management projects for major financial institutions in the Americas, Europe and Asia. His experience in analytics started with Dun & Bradstreet in Europe; with NPD Canada, a leading provider in market intelligence; and with Rogers Communications for business intelligence. He currently teaches part-time on data analytics with the University of Toronto.

Roger is a Lieutenant Colonel in the French reserve forces as a Specialist in intelligence and information operations. He teaches operational planning at the Canadian Forces College and is the Deputy Defense Attaché with the French embassy. Roger holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Paris University, a MBA from Queen’s University, and a Master in Defense Studies with the Royal Military College.

“With the speed of change in technology and customer demand for quick responses, 24/7 availability and fast, objective technologically driven decision –making processes create a unique way of supporting the Small Business marketplace.”
Marcel Schroder
Marcel SchroderManaging Director, Vault Circle

Bringing Marketplace Lending Investment Opportunities to the Canadian Market

Marcel Schroder is an experienced global wealth management executive with broad experience building profitable start-up businesses, restructuring underperforming divisions and streamlining operations. With thirty years of experience in financial services, Marcel brings his leadership and knowledge of financial markets to Vault Circle as the Managing Director, where he will oversee the development and strategic growth of the investment company.

In his most recent role Marcel was the Managing Director and Head of Scotiabank’s International Asset Management division with responsibility for the strategic direction and business growth of the global asset management businesses located across 10 countries and distributed in 19 markets.

Prior to this, Marcel was the Vice President of Investment Products with oversight of International Pension and Mutual Fund divisions. He has a strong business acumen developed through progressive career moves in diverse businesses including Wealth Management, Sales Technology, Risk Management, Private Banking & Trust and Retail Banking.

Marcel has held a number of public and private board positions. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, is a graduate of the Executive Development Program from The Richard Ivey School of Business, and has his CFP, STI and MTI Financial Services designations.

“The emergence of marketplace lending has created a new investment opportunity for income-seeking investors. Vault Circle will provide investors with access to high-yield Canadian small business loans from creditworthy businesses. Our investment platform will offer a simple and transparent way to build a diversified portfolio of quality loans, tailored across business sectors, credit grades and investment yields.”
Monique Morden
Monique MordenChief Revenue Officer

Building a lending platform enabling frictionless small business loan adjudication

Monique Morden has a data driven background combining 20+ years of experience in customer intelligence and 10+ years in technology. Monique relished playing a role in disrupting the market research industry while a senior executive at Vision Critical, where their cloud based customer intelligence platform created an innovative alternative to traditional market research.

Inspired by the transformative power of technology, Monique co-founded Mentio in 2014, where the goal was to leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze trends and patterns in the cloud accounting data of small businesses. The result was a mobile first automated cash flow forecasting tool for small business owners, acting as an early warning system for cash flow issues. While taking part in Techstars (Seattle 2015), Mentio realized the value of their application to the alternative lending space leading to Lendified recognizing the power of Mentio’s cash flow algorithm to their credit engine, spurring an acquisition in March, 2016.

Monique helped expand Vision Critical into Australia, Asia, the UK and Europe, providing her with invaluable international business experience. Monique is a graduate of the Masters of Business Administration at Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University; and an Honours B.Sc graduate from the University of Guelph. Monique is based in Vancouver with her husband and three teenage daughters where they spend many hours ripping powder at Whistler.

“I’m fascinated by technology’s ability to disrupt and positively evolve an entire industry. Lendified’s credit engine will democratize small business lending, not just for small businesses, but for all sizes of lenders involved.”
Sean Wilson
Sean WilsonChief Financial Officer, Lendified

Creating operational efficiencies through technology

Sean Wilson has a unique blend of entrepreneurial DNA, financial expertise and lean startup mentality. Sean’s finance background has given him a data driven passion for strategic decision making. From tip to tale, Sean gathers and analyzes metrics from the organization that feed into financial models aimed at optimizing profits and efficiencies. Sean has operated this way, largely influenced by his time at KPMG but embedded in his approach to business management whether his own startup (mydealbag) or an international clothing retailer (Aritzia).

Inspired by technology’s ability to help small businesses, Sean co-founded Mentio in 2014, where the goal was to leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze trends and patterns in the cloud accounting data of small businesses. The result was a mobile first automated cash flow forecasting tool for small business owners, acting as an early warning system for cash flow issues. While taking part in Techstars (Seattle 2015), Mentio realized the value of their application to the alternative lending space leading to Lendified recognizing the power of Mentio’s cash flow algorithm to their credit engine, spurring an acquisition in March, 2016.

Sean is a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of British Columbia; international business competition first place winner at the Rotterdam School of Management; a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of British Columbia (CA, CPA); and was top 1% performer at KPMG Canada. Sean spent all of 2014 travelling the world and still can’t keep his feet in one place. While based in Vancouver, you could find him anywhere!

“My financial background and technical affinity enables me to identify extra dollars in every system, process and corner. Technology gives me the tools to create operational efficiencies that benefit Lendified and our customers.”