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Troy Wright
During my 30 years in the banking sector, I saw two opportunities being lost – time and time again. The first opportunity was to help small businesses succeed when perhaps all that business had was an idea and a long road ahead of it. But banks can’t lend money on potential. They’re just not structured that way. And, that was the second opportunity – to create an enterprise that meets the financial needs of this underserved market. That’s why we created Lendified.
Troy Wright, CEO, Lendified


The Lendified story begins with a wealth of banking experience, a deep knowledge of the Canadian financial services marketplace, married with cutting edge technology.

Our understanding of the financial needs of business owners and the gaps in traditional lending practices that impact their access to funding give us a unique perspective in executing on our vision – to be the premier online provider of small business loans in Canada.

Our passion is to support the economic engine of our country – small businesses. Our banking experience and proprietary technology allow us to deliver on our mission to supply online small business loans across Canada. Secure access, instant approvals and funding as early as the next business day are our promise. We understand that getting access to funding can’t be a process that slows down a small business.

We are a value-added financial services organization focused on the needs of the small business entrepreneur. Built on the credentials of two important ingredients: Extensive experience in the financial services industry and a deep understanding of technology.

Our goal as a financial services company is to be a critical partner for small businesses from coast to coast to coast.

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Access to a short-term small business loan – to take advantage of an opportunity or overcome a short-term obstacle – can be difficult and time-consuming. But it shouldn’t be.

At Lendified, we offer a simplified, streamlined loan approval process that gives your business access to capital when you need it. The Lendified loan process uses innovation and technology to recognize your reputation, hard work and the potential of your small business to generate a LendScore.

Our LendScore is the result of Lendified’s proprietary data and analytics engine. The LendScore aggregates and analyzes thousands of data elements and attributes related to you as the business owner, your business, your industry, and key markets that are reflective of your business’ credit performance. The algorithms and processes powering the LendScore result undergo continuous improvement, enabling us to further automate, optimize and upgrade the quality and capability of the credit assessment process.

We’ve leveraged our depth of management resources and experience in the financial services industry to build the right technologically-assisted scoring model to get your business access to the funds it needs.

Introducing The Lendified Canadian Small Business Index

The Lendified Canadian Small Business Index (The Lendified Index) is the result of polling 350 people who own and operate a small business in Canada with less than 20 employees. Online interviews were taken on September 18-19, 2015, using Vision Critical’s B2B Aeroplan Panel. André Turcotte Ph.D, Associate Professor of Journalism and Communications at Carleton University developed and managed the poll.

The Lendified Index (PDF)