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8 Ways Your Small Business Can Make the Most Out of the Fall Season

8 Ways Your Small Business Can Make the Most Out of the Fall Season

Labour Day marks the unofficial start of fall, a season full of opportunities to grow your business. Here are 8 ways you can make the most out of your fall season this year:

1. Participate in Events 

Fall events are a great opportunity to get in front of new faces. Schools and city councils often hold fall fairs or Oktoberfest events, so be sure to reach out and find how you can get involved by hosting a booth, sponsoring an event, or simply donating prizes.

2. Host a Themed Social Media Contest

Create a social media contest and reward winners with a special prize. Ask them to take a picture with their friends and family showing how they celebrate the holidays. Also, require them to use your custom hashtag on the post, which includes your business name and a tie-in to the season. This approach will help increase your brand presence online and keep your business top of mind during the important fall season.

3. Decorate Your Space

Transform your store or office by decorating to suit the season. This can include pieces such as leaves pumpkins, and apples. We recommend visiting your local dollar store to find cheap and effective decorations. With a new ambiance, your space will make customers feel cozy and welcome as they adjust into the fall season.

4. Offer Fall Specials

Give your customers end-of-season specials on your summer product lines and come up with unique products and/or offers unique to fall. This not only give your customers an opportunity to save, but provides them with variety and a sense of anticipation leading up to each season.

5. Give “Back-to-School” Perks for Students & Teachers 

Reach out to local schools to see how your products can best serve students, teachers, parents as they prepare to go back to school. Consider creating a loyalty program or handing out branded backpacks and water bottles to show you’re here to support them during this busy season.

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back to school

6. Show Gratitude with Thanksgiving Gift Cards

Thanksgiving is the season of gratitude. Show your customers how much you appreciate them by giving out gift cards. We recommend you display your gift cards prominently at the counter so customers are more likely to pick them up for their loved ones while shopping. Thanksgiving is also a good opportunity to hold a food drive and collect canned donations for the less fortunate. These types of initiatives are great ways to boost your team’s morale and strengthen your relationship with your community.

7. Dress Up for Halloween 

Halloween is one of the biggest and funnest holidays of the year. Delight your customers by dressing up on Halloween with your staff and announcing to customers that they can stop by with their trick-or-treaters. Consider giving out goodie bags of treats or rewarding customers for coming in their costume.

8. Offer Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of busiest days of the year for retailers. This is a great opportunity to partner up with other businesses to run a cross-promotional campaign. We recommend approaching businesses that complement yours (not those you compete with) and coming up with a plan to promote each other by handing out coupons and making co-branded social media posts. By combining your resources and marketing efforts you’ll be able to drive more business and exposure to one another.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to make the most out of your fall season and have some good momentum leading up to Christmas. If you need capital to move forward with any of these ideas, you can learn more about how short-term loans can help you here.

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