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7 Work-Life Balance Tips and Tricks for a Productive Summer


Summer has finally arrived. For some, this means vacations and time off, and for small business owners, this may mean business season. While work is important, it is also important to take some time to enjoy the beautiful weather before it’s gone. Rather than looking out the window and feeling helpless in not being able to enjoy the weather, here are some tips and tricks to consider to make the most out of your summer while maximizing your work productivity!

  1. Work outdoors when possible: You should never feel you’re missing out on the beautiful warm weather. You only have three months to enjoy the sun so we encourage you to enjoy it while you can! Next time when the weather is nice, consider doing work on the patio or even host a team-building event outside at the local park.
  2. Implement summer hours: More isn’t necessarily better. According to PGI, 66% of those who work for companies with summer schedules say they see an increase in productivity. Summer hours give people the opportunity to spend time with their family and friends. By offering options such as working 4 days per week or flexible work arrangements like working from home, this can help improve employee morale and give them the chance to enjoy the summer while working.
  3. Set boundaries and stick to them: We always tell ourselves “just one more email to write,” or “last phone call for the day.” It is important we set strict rules and boundaries to force ourselves to be present with our friends and families. Learning how to disconnect and be present to those around you instead of being glued to work for hours can help. There are many great and low-cost tools available for your small business that can help you spend more time and be present with those important to you.
  4. Take mini weekend vacations/staycations: If taking a month off to backpack around Europe or spending two weeks in the Caribbean Islands is not realistic, consider taking a mini vacation/staycation. Whether you choose to explore a nearby town or venture to another province, Canada is a country filled with many local small businesses and low-cost activities waiting for you to enjoy!
  5. Leverage students and their skills: For many students, summer is the time of year for them to gain work experience and earn money to help offset the cost of their education. We encourage businesses to leverage students and their skills in the summer. There are two benefits to this: one, this is a great opportunity for students to gain the necessary skills in their industry; two, by bringing in students to help out, long-time employees of the organization can delegate tasks, allowing them can relax and recharge.
  6. Plan vacations and training ahead: If you do decide to take time off for vacation, it is ideal to ensure you have communicated with your team and clients to ensure you can take time off in advance. Transparency is key to ensure there will be no chance of vacation overlaps and someone on your team will be managing your work while you are away. You should consider cross-training between team members early-on with duties and responsibilities for seamless transition from one employee to another.
  7. Change your work routine: Instead of staying in the office all day, change your daily work routine! When the weather is nice, consider going outside taking walk breaks, host work meetings at some green space near your office, or grabbing a snack at the local bakery during break time. These are are all great things you can do to incorporate into your work routine while enjoying the summer!

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